The APEPQ        
Messages :

APEPQ, Annual general meeting and conferences. Date to note down in your calendar : September, the 13th, 2017

Objectives :

L’Association Professionnelle des Enquêteurs Privés du Québec (APEPQ), Inc., is a non profit organisation regrouping licensed investigation agencies with the purpose of :

  • looking after the interest of the members of the association relative to laws and regulations that could affect the profession
  • establishing, maintaining and controlling the application of an information and ethic protection code,
  • insuring that the members and their investigators perform their work in conformity with the applicable codes
Members :

A Member:
All the investigation agencies licensed as per the law applicable in Québec.
Associate member :
All the investigation agencies not licensed under the current law of Quebec
B Member :
All agents with a permit from the BSP that are working for an agency
and/or all agents with a permit from the BSP that are not owners of an agency nor working for an agency

and/or all the employees of an A member or of an associate member.

Officers :

Will consist of a president, a vice-president and a secretary-treasurer chosen between the administrators elected at the annual general meeting.


Board of Directors :

Made of the members elected at the annual general meeting among A members in good standing that have the status of owner, partner, shareholder or legal representative of an agency; And also a representative of B members. Il will be made of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 persons, being elected for a minimum period of 2 years, and having the right to be re-elected.

(For more information on the members, students and collaborators, click here)