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L'Association Professionnelle des Enquêteurs Privés du Québec (APEPQ)
(Professional Association of Quebec Private Investigators)

Regulations for members, students and collaborators :

Regulations for A members :

  • A members pay $250 per year
  • They can add B members at a cost of $100 per group of 5 B members.

Regulations for associated members :

  • Associated members will pay the same price as A members, that is $250 per year.
  • They can add B members at a cost of $100 per group of 5 B members.
  • As they do not have a permit from the BSP, they will not have the right to vote at the Annual Meeting and they will not have a representative on the board of directors.

Regulations for students :

  • Graduating students will be offered at no cost a one year membership card
  • They will be able to place their CV on our site
  • And there will be an availability list on the site of the APEPQ

Regulations for collaborators :

  • Only non-members can have access to this program
  • The cost would be $500 per year
  • The logo of the sponsor would be visible on all the pages of the APEPQ site
  • A banner supplied by the sponsor at the entrance of every event
  • An exposition table available at each event
  • 2 free places at each event

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